So, I’ve decided to leave Rishikesh and move on up further into the Himalayas to a town called Dharamsala. Movin on up, movin on up, to the East siiiiiide, to a deluxe apartment in the skyyyyyy…. Jeffersons TV show theme song… Anyone? Anyone?? I digress… For those that don’t know (and why would you, really?) Dharamsala is where the Dalai Lama calls home after fleeing Tibet in 1959.

Siggy was set to go there as well, so we’ve decided to travel up together on a short 12 hour bus ride… Eeekkk!! 12 Hours on a bus… riding up the tiny winding mountain roads… overnight… Hmmm, no doubt lots of interesting body smells… Good times!

I am hopeful that there is internet way up there in the mountains, so I can check in on facebook and my blog. Otherwise, I may have to enlist the help of a honing pigeon to report back to all my peeps with the latest “As the world turns in India” ongoings… (Honing pigeon for you Alecheia!!) No, seriously, I have to assume that with all of his supreme enlightenment, the Dalai Lama surely has blessed himself with good wifi…

As I reflect on the time I’ve spent here in Rishikesh, I am most struck by the lasting relationships I have developed in this short amount of time.   I have been so blessed to land in such a unique, positive environment full of amazing people for the first leg of my journey.

Before I left the states I had dinner with a long time dear friend – the one who suggested I travel, actually.  As I said my tearful goodbye, not knowing when I’d see him again, he said, with one of his typical poignant, yet funny metaphors, “I am the sand and you are the water, that made the mortar, that held the block, that raised the wall, that built the cathedral that is our friendship that will last a lifetime.” Whoa!!  That’s good stuff!

As I drove away, I remember thinking at the time how sad it made me to be leaving all my “cathedrals” behind, and wondered if/when I would have friendships of such caliber in the time ahead of me while abroad. Who knew I’d be building cathedrals so soon with people from all around the globe from all walks of life. I am feeling truly blessed…

Oh, and by the way, I don’t want to jinx it, but so far, I think I have managed to avoid Siggy’s bed bugs… Yay!!!

Ok, I’ll have to post pictures later… Sorry, gotta go catch the bus!!