My Sharpie tattoo fades from the bridge of my foot along with the mixed emotions of saying goodbye to my Bali yogi family… They came into my life, we formed new and/or reunited bonds, and then they left again… This is becoming a common theme of my nomadic life on the road… Making attachments to people and then detaching from them… Attach – detach… Attach – detach… Sigh… WTF Eryn, this kinda sucks…

After the retreat, I had planned to spend some time traveling around Bali with the new friend I met from “The Americans – High Five” post… We seemed to have good energy together and I thought it would be a nice transition to a fun and adventurous time after chillin’ out, maxin’ and relaxin’ with my yogis… Well, it would’ve been nice, if it had worked out… Let’s just say, things went sideways, and we decided it was best to part ways… Just leave it at that Eryn… If you don’t have anything nice to say… Moving on…

Anyhow, I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. Apparently I was meant to spend my last week in Bali on my own… No worries Eryn, you’re gettin’ pretty good at thatAnd most of the time you like it… Except for some reason, this time, I remained in a serious funk… The whole Bali yogi family thing kept me thinking about Key West and where home is/was/will be, and the uncertainty of my life… Aagggghhhh Eryn, what are you doing out here? Where are you going? What are you going to do with your life? I want a man to spoon with!!!! No, forget the man, I want my Griffy Magoo!! Baaahahahahahaaaaa 😦 No, no Eryn, you’re ok…You got this!!!  Suck it up girl…  Ok, ok, just breathe…  I’m good…  I’m good…

I’ve regularly referred back to my multi tabbed excel spreadsheet under the, “Reasons to go” tab to check myself when I’m questioning things… Bet you’re the only backpacking traveler with an excel spreadsheet tracking the details of your travels… Before I left the states, I really spent some time thinking on why I was taking this trip. I wanted to make sure I was doing it for the right reasons and not running from my problems or my old life as an escapism technique… Turns out I did have healthy thoughts and reasons to take this, “intrepid journey of spiritual growth and reflection”, as my friend Vicky calls it… Hell yeah, an intrepid journey – bring it…  More like, continue it… So, when I’m asking myself what the hell I’m doing out here, I check back in on my reasons and make sure I still have my ship on the right course…  And I do…

Even with this trying week, I haven’t considered booking a ticket back to the states or anything, but I was just in this inner state of emotional turmoil… I talked to lots of my people back home and that helped a lot (Thank you all!!), and an uplifting phone call from my soul sister, Siggy, put me back in a good place. Dammit I miss that Siggy… I’ve recovered from the funk, Yay, rejoice and I’m feeling much better – back to my old self again… Eryn, even traveling will have it’s ups and downs, it can’t all be magical moonbeams and Indian butterflies… True, true…

After leaving the yoga and art retreat, I was feeling really inspired to paint, so I’ve been spending most of my time this past week working on a Bali inspired piece… Not quite sure yet if I’ll like it enough to show you guys… Hmmm, don’t know if you’re ready for public scrutiny… Whether its my masterpiece debut or not, it doesn’t really matter… It’ll be a nice memoir of my time here in Bali and my travels so far.

So, while I’m working away over here on painting, I figured I’d get you some pictures of my time in Bali… Mostly from the time with my Bali yogi family… Enjoy!! I’ll try and post again before I head off to Israel June 5th

FYI – It seems that when you read the blog on your smartphones, it doesn’t show when there are video links attached…   So, you may want to check your computers if you’re a serious follower…  The last post had a few videos in case you want to check ‘em out…

Also, VERY Important Note: Sincere apologies go out to my Canadian friends, as it seems I have offended one of my followers by referring to their accent as “twang” in one of my previous posts… Didn’t realize it would be such a sensitive subject to label the accent…  Will you ever forgive me CH??? 😉 LOL

By the way…  Thanks for continuing to keep up with me and my travels and what I’m up to on the blog.  I’m finding as I wander around the globe, the blog is really giving me purpose and keeping me tethered to my friends and family from afar…  I didn’t realize how important it would be to me when I started it, but it’s evolved into something very grounding for me…  I’m writing for me, but I’m writing for you too, so thanks for following me 🙂  XO

Favorite Pics







mosquitonetGood morning sleepyhead…



Scenery and Landscapes







Purple bananas – Say Whaaaat???


This is rice people…









Lawn Mowers



MonkE-Harmony Profile Pic


Yep, I think you’re gonna have to see a specialist…


“Marge – Bring me a beer”



Luke – “I am your father”… Star Wars, anyone???


Batik Making Class


First you outline your design with wax…  You can draw your own design or use one of theirs…


Then you fill in the background with another type of wax…


Then you crinkle it all together and it goes into a chemical bath…


Then you bathe it in the die color you want – Or paint other colors on like the other two women did… They really only had blue and red, so I used all blue…


And, whalllah!  I have a new appreciation for what goes into making Batik… It’s a labor intensive process…



Flute Making with Grandpa


Meet Grandpa – We made flutes out of bamboo 🙂


Don’t worry, I won’t quit my day job to become a flautist… (Oh wait, I already quit my day job… Oh F^*K!!  You in trouble girl) LOL

My Bali Yogi Family

Ok, there may be a bit of drinking going on here…

P1060259P1060251 P1060248 P1060246P1060258 P1060253 P1060242 P1060262P1060237meanissaP1060241


Random Pics


Big thank you goes out to Chris Godlewski for my Survivor Winner Season #5 shirt and Kim Wallen for my very own KDub shirt for my travels…  That was a great surprise having Sofia bring them over for me…   Love love love to you both!!  XO

mebeach2P1050942No, I told you, I will not make out with you!!!

P1050946Well, ok, just one kiss…

P1060319P1050984 P1050989P1060005 P1050762