Vicky and I have been pondering “The Big Questions”.  Well, some of the big questions anyway…  We couldn’t possibly ponder them all, that would just be exhausting.

What say you about these big questions?

1)  What is the boundary between being compassionate towards someone and rescuing them?  How do you maintain a giving approach in a relationship without losing yourself to the other person?

2)  Solo travelers…  Towards what?  Away from what?

3)  Does capitalism distract us from finding our life’s purpose?  Does it lead us to a life where we desire to consume rather than develop ourselves?  (I am aware that I wouldn’t be sitting here in London asking this question, developing myself, if I had not been an active participant in our capitalist society – ironic)

4)  Are certain things “meant to be” or do we determine our own destinies?  Is there a cosmic something out there weaving magical threads behind the scenes to produce certain events, encounters and outcomes in our lives?  When there is a child with a debilitating disease, no one ever says, ‘that was meant to be’.  As intelligent beings how can we really believe this concept to be true?

There are more questions – you knew we had more than four…  Just wanted to give your brain a rest for a minute…

Here, check out some pictures of what we’ve been up to while pondering, questioning, contemplating and discussing…


Hello from London!

P1090970 P1090968

erynstairsP1090962 P1090960 P1090928 P1090925 P1090922 P1090921 P1090916 P1090913

Questions continued…

5)  What is the relationship between ego strength and self-esteem?

6)  Is it possible to ‘believe’ in a concept and still evolve?  To what extent do our beliefs fix us in rigid and unbending mindsets?

7) Fake it till you make it – does this really work?

8) If someone is considered a rational thinker, does that mean they only make decisions based on logic and science?  What about intuition, spirituality, emotions and other immeasurables?

P1090892Ahhh, who cares about these questions, let’s jump!

P1090873 P1090874 P1090869 P110004  P1100026 P1100029 P1100048We got tired of asking the big questions and decided to drink instead… LOL

P1100111 P1100114 P1100122 P1100187 P1100202 P1100174 P1100167 P1100162“Ohhh Vicky, I’m sick of eating healthy, can’t we have some cake tonight?”

P1100153 P1100144

Hmmm, eastern hemisphere on one side, western hemisphere on the other…  Where shall I go next???

P1100143 P1100138 P1100135 P1100127 P1100125 P1100123 P1100104 P1100103 P1100089 P1100069 P1100062


That’s all for now folks.  I’m sure we had more questions, but I forgot them… LOL 🙂  Post your answers to the Big Questions if you feel up to it…