Hey everyone!  It’s been a while!  How’ve you been?  I missed you!  I haven’t really been in a bloggy kind of mood lately, but I’m leaving Europe this week, and I wanted to get you pictures from the last week or so with my mom in Munich.

Mom’s all settled back in at home now with my Griffy Magoo baahaaaaaaaha 😦   I’m in London with Vicky regrouping and switching out my winter clothes for warmer weather attire as I prepare to switch climates.

Stay tuned for info on my next destination.  In the meantime, here are some of our favorite pics from our time in Munich.  Miss you mom and Griffy Magoo.  Enjoy!


 Train ride to Neuschwanstein Castle

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P1120602 P1120587 P1120584  P1120573

P1120624 P1120622 P1120621 P1120605

Guard dog?  Really?P1120604 P1120643

P1120636 P1120635 P1120632


Ok, these pics below are not mine.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside but I found some online of the interiors and also of the castle throughout the different seasons – Stunning!  P1120541Neuschwanstein-Castle-luxury-walls-480x314 Neuschwanstein-on-mountain-480x350 Neuschwanstein-Castle-interior-480x330 Neuschwanstein-Castle-at-night Neuschwanstn Castle (2) Neuschwanstein Castle Winter Sesion Neuschwanstein Castle Inside view

Little over the top with the details there Ludwig…

Here’s a link you can check out about the Neuschwanstein Castle we visited if you’re interested.   http://www.neuschwanstein.de/englisch/palace/index.htm

Another day we took a train ride out of Munich to the town of Mittenwald.  It’s right on the border of Austria and you can take a gondola ride up the mountain to see the Alps – Stunning!

P1120670 P1120678 P1120680 P1120701 P1120705 P1120711

P1120731 P1120729 P1120734 P1120735 P1120753 P1120757

P1120758 P1120763 P1120794


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Yep, we drank ’em all!  Ok, ok, but they weren’t all beer, I must confess.  We were drinking what the Germans call a Radler – beer and lemonade…  Turns out it’s one of mom’s favorite drinks.  Sounds kinda strange, but it was awesome!  Don’t knock it till ya try it!