Annnnnnd back to London I go…

When I obtained my Brazilian visa, they required that I have a departure flight from Brazil. How annoying!! I had no idea what I would experience in Brazil and couldn’t possibly guess where I’d want to go after my time in Abadiania. Would I want to continue traveling through South America? Or would I want to head East again towards Thailand or Australia to meet up with Siggy?

As has been the case with most of my trip, I choose my destinations based on feeling and intuition, sometimes allowing influence from new friends I’ve made. I truly have been like a feather on a breeze just floating around waiting for the right experience to present itself so I can hop a plane to some foreign land.

With the Brazilian visa requirement though, and the fact that a round trip ticket only cost $50 more than a one way, I went ahead and booked a return flight to London. I never actually intended on using it, figuring I’d just book a flight from Brazil to somewhere else once I had a clear view of where I’d want to go… But I knew it was a good back up plan to be with friends for Christmas, and, as it turns out, London is a much less expensive jumping off point for overseas flights than Brazil.

So, here I am back in London for the holidays…

It’s strange how I’ve continually been pulled back to London when I actually never even planned on coming here in the first place. Is this fate? Destiny? Random Coincidence? With Vicky being here, it’s provided a much-appreciated home base, and as an unexpected bonus, it’s allowed me to explore a possible romantic interest… Ohhhh snap, international dating!!!

I met someone from London earlier on in my trip. It wasn’t an immediate romantic connection, and we had limited time to hang out when we met, as he was returning home to real life, but I said, “Hey, if I make it to London, I’ll give you a holler.” Next thing ya’ know we’re meeting up for dinner in London and taking a drive into the English countryside to visit Becky the donkey at a Sussex pub. Then we’re skyping from Brazil and I’m thinking maybe, just maybe I’ll use that return flight to London after all. Who says no to Christmas in London??? Ummmm, no one!

So here I am, back in the cold weather. I’ve put away my flip-flops and sundresses and pulled out my winter jacket and boots from Vicky’s attic. Oh, thank God for Vicky and her attic! I’ll be spending my time between Vicky’s and the Englishman’s, and looking forward to an exciting beginning to 2015.

The Englishman, ironically enough, had independently decided to take a few months off from work to travel in the New Year. Fate? Destiny? Random Coincidence? Will we venture out into the world together? Or will I decide it’s too risky to alter my course for a man? I’ve been happier out here in the world alone than I have my entire life, so the thought of letting someone in scares the shit out of me! Am I ready to bond with someone on a romantic level? Will I be able to maintain my “alive” self while opening up to someone else? Will I be able to keep a level head about the good and bad of someone new and maintain this state of equilibrium? Can I take what I’ve learned on my trip about living only in this moment and not project or romanticize the thought of some international love affair? Do I have clear views of what’s important to me in choosing a partner? AAAgggggghhhhh so many questions!!!!

For now, I’ll just enjoy Christmas with my London peeps and will be missing all those I love back home. I think of you all every day and you’re always with me no matter how far away I am.  Sending you lots of love and cosmic hugs from afar.

Stay tuned to “As the World Turns in London” to see how the story unfolds… xxooo