I braved the Indian Ocean, the incredibly tiny yet ferocious blue tailed jellyfish, the dreaded spiny sea urchins and the tragic fashion faux pas of a white helmet and took to the seas for kite surfing.

Three and a half days of intense training and I was cutting through the water catching air like a pro. Well, ok, maybe not. It’s hard! Really hard! Controlling a 12-meter kite in high winds with both hands while standing on a board in the water proves to be difficult to coordinate. It will take time. A month I’m told to really get comfortable with the kite/board combination.

Was I a natural? Ummm no. Did I belly flop into the ocean more times than I could count? Well, yes – yes I did. Was I on par with the 20 something guys that were beginners? Yes, actually I was! Hallelujah I’m not old yet!

As Yoda once said, “Patience you must have my young padawan.” Ahhh yes, wise words Yoda. That’s why I’ve decided to postpone the trip to the mainland and stay here on the coast to sharpen my skills. Yes, this is my new plan. I’ll spend all day, every day with my 50 SPF sunblock and my kite until I master the African surf. Yes, I WILL become the ultimate kite surfing guru.

On second thought, maybe we’ll just go to the mainland as planned and see what kind of big furry safari animals we can find.

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Luckily, J hung around one day and took a few pictures of me.  Unfortunately I only stayed up on the board twice for about 10 meters and we didn’t get a shot of that, or the ultimate jumping photo where I powered up the kite too much and my feet came off the board sending me and my kite flying through the air unintentionally for a few meters before belly flopping.  Good times…  Thanks J for taking time out of your busy schedule to lend your superior photography skills.