Helllooooo everyone!

I thought maybe I’d take a blog holiday for a bit while I regrouped, but then I realized what a terrible idea that was.  You guys are my cheerleaders, I need you right now!  I was talking to my friend Vicky one day when I was feeling down and she said, “go get a massage and then some chocolate.”  Who am I to argue with such sound advice?  I got a 1-hr Thai massage and 2 Toblerone chocolate bars.  Ahhh, that’s better.  The chocolate is cheap here and the massages are a steal at $6 per hour.  Yes, you read right, $6 per hour!  While I am uber excited about the cheap chocolate and fabulous Thai massages, I think I am most grateful for the Thai wifi gods that allow me to stay connected with all my peeps around the world.  I even got to Skype with my soul sister Siggy.  I didn’t even realize how much I missed her until I heard her Aussie accent.

I’m liking Chiang Mai so far.  It’s a nice combination of Thai culture and westernized conveniences that make it comfortable to be here.  It’s also considered the digital nomad capital of the world and a popular place for ex-pats.  Plus as I mentioned, it’s super cheap to be here!  My guest house is $9.50 a night.  That’s an upgrade from my other guest house that was $8.00, but I kept getting a roach visiting me each night and I just couldn’t sleep knowing he might be there.  You are worth $9.50 Eryn, just do it!  The food is cheap, water is cheap; I think the only thing I’ve found so far that isn’t cheap are tampons.  Those seem to be expensive all around the world.  Of course they want to know about the cost of tampons! 

I haven’t explored the city too much yet, but I happened to arrive right before the Thai New Year, known as Songkran, so all the action was right in the old city where my guest house was. Songkran is a combination of traditional Buddhist ceremonies and a 3-day water festival.  The early traditions of Songkran called for people to pour small cups of water over their friends and family to wash away the misfortune of the previous year and bring cleansing to start fresh in the New Year, however, it’s evolved into a street party of epic proportion.

Stay tuned to ‘As the world turns in Chiang Mai’ to hear about me renting a scooter and learning how to drive in Thailand.

Happy New Year from Chiang Mai to wherever you are in the world!  Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 7.35.47 PM

Here’s where I am for those that are curious



20150411_15072520150411_15375220150411_15453920150411_15455620150415_16123320150411_15475520150415_14145520150415_142553sg-2Songkran_ChiangMai_2015Revellers use water guns as they participate in a water fight during Songkran Festival celebrations at Silom road in Bangkok...Revellers use water guns as they participate in a water fight during Songkran Festival celebrations at Silom road in Bangkok April 13, 2015. The Songkran festival, also known as the water festival, marks the start of Thailand's traditional New Year and is believed to wash away bad luck. REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha