Hey everyone, guess what? I’m coming home! Yep, it’s true.  I’ll finally reunite with my Griffy Magoo!  And all of you too – don’t mean to minimize my favorite humans.  LOL.  You know you’re all important to me, but a girl and her dog…  I’m sure you understand.

So the epic journey is finally coming to a conclusion. Well, I’m not sure conclusion is the best word. I mean I am booked home mid July with a one-way ticket, but the journey will carry on inside me – only this time in my home country.  My one friend told me it’s like I’ve been out here all this time preparing for something.  Now I don’t know what that would mean exactly, and I’d never really thought of it that way, but it does kinda’ feel to be a true statement.  To be honest with you though, no matter where the road will take me – as far as the future – my view of what life could be has expanded so much I don’t think I will ever be able to limit myself to the confines of our U.S. borders. I somehow feel life now will always include some sort of overseas excursion, whether for exploration, personal or spiritual development, social entrepreneurship, volunteering or who knows what else?  I see now the possibilities are endless.

The book is almost finished. Yaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!  I know some of you dislike my misspelling in order to exaggerate words (yay) and my multiple exclamation marks, but I can’t help it!   Yaaayyyyyyyy!!!  I cannot wait to complete this project and move onto the next phase of my life – whatever that will be. OMG it’s been exhausting, truly. I see now what a labor of love writing a book is and have a newfound admiration and respect for authors and the writing process in general. I’ve got another 6 weeks or so of heavy work and then I’ll pass it on to my publishing people so they can work their magic. I’m working with the self-publishing division of a large traditional publisher, Hay House. They publish only mind, body, spirit type books; right up my alley.  Who knows what will happen with the book? I’m not attaching myself to any particular expectation of success, but working with Balboa Press will surely open doors that I can’t open for myself. So I’m just writing from the heart with pure intentions to share my experiences authentically and to inspire others.  I’ll leave it to the Universe to decide the fate of the book. Whether it’s successful or not, it was the book I had to write, so at least it’ll be out of my system and I can venture on to other projects.

Some of you will be wondering what’s next. Well that’s a good question. I’ve come to realize there’s little in life we can control and life is changing all the time.  And who knows what will happen between now and when I visit?  So for now, I’m just embracing the unknown and seeing what doors open along the way. I’ve learned to ask myself, “What is the next right decision for me right now?” That seems to have worked out well for me on my trip, criss crossing the globe following only my intuition and my heart, so I think I’ll carry on with that.  Right now, the right decision is to come home to see all of you – and my Griffy Magoo.

The plan so far is to do an east coast road trip and spend some quality time with as many of my friends and family I can between late July and October. And I can work online from my laptop, so that’s certainly convenient.  I don’t have it all worked out yet, but I’m just glad I kept my Jeep so I can easily hop in and take off. And since I’ve learned I can sleep just about anywhere, I have no problem living out of my Jeep if necessary to save money, although I would much prefer to stay with some of you that I’ll be visiting.

I wonder how I’ll adjust back to ‘normal’ driving conditions in the states. I’ve been driving on the wrong side of the road and on two wheels for so long now, a full size Jeep will be a welcome change. I won’t miss wearing a helmet, driving behind tuk tuk’s inhaling their plumes of exhaust or bribing police officials at checkpoints, I can tell you that. There will be plenty I will miss about this place though, the city I’ve called home now for over a year; oh, there’s so much I won’t even try to fit it into this blog post.  I’ll save it for another day.

Can’t wait to see you all.  Drop me a line if you want a visit.  Sending cosmic hugs from the land of smiles 🙂 e