A strange thing happened this week here in Ireland that’s brought up the question of home again… Where will home be? This seems to be a recurring topic in your thoughts – The question of home. Sigh… I saw someone from my old hometown… An old family friend, Glenn, who was here in Ireland touring with an orchestra/choir group from First Baptist Church in good ole’ Pensacola, Florida…  I mentioned him briefly in my last post…

Seeing Glenn, especially in Ireland, reminded me of my father, which always puts me in a contemplative state… But on top of that, there were others in his group that I recognized as well… At first we couldn’t place each other from the past, but once we figured it out, it brought me back to 1996 – some 18 years ago when I’d last seen them. Whoa… Crazy running into you people all the way over here!

In 1996, at age 19, a couple years before I got into the construction industry, I was a waitress at the Marina Oyster Barn on Bayou Texar in Pensacola (it’s not as redneck as it sounds… LOL).   The couple I recognized were some regular customers I waited on several times a week, for the better part of a year. OMG that time is rushing back to me… And what a tumultuous time that was in my life…

It’s strange to me, how I’m having these, seemingly random occurrences that pop up while I’m out here traveling the world that continue to bring up unexpected emotions. My Bali yogi family comes to mind, (from a previous post in May) that brought up all sorts of Key West affiliations and emotions that I hadn’t planned on… Now I’ve had Pensacola, my old hometown memories come to the surface… Some good, some not so good… And when these emotions pop up, it always makes me ponder the question of where home is/will be… Well, uhhh, yeah Eryn, that’s why you’re out here roaming the globe, because nowhere feels like home…

I’m wondering what it all means, me running into certain people… Is this God, or the universe or some cosmic force inserting these people into my journey to remind me of something? Maybe that I shouldn’t write off a home there in Pensacola? Or is it a completely random coincidence that means nothing – except for whatever meaning I give it? My one, old/new friend from the Marina Oyster Barn, Ed, said, “We ran into you for a reason. I think you’re meant to come back to Pensacola… This is no coincidence.” Hmmmm I wonder… (I’m seriously asking YOU ALL this question, about God, coincidence, the universe, cosmic force, the concept of meant to be – please comment, I want to know what you think)

Maybe Ed’s right about me coming back to Pensacola… And then again, maybe he’s not… Right now, it’s just too soon to know and I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself to make a decision. I feel like things will naturally fall into place somehow while I’m out here on my trip and the path for my future will present itself…

I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Pensacola, and they’ve reminded me there’s a lot of love there. Even though we weren’t really close when I lived there before, it seems different spending time with them now, all the way over here in Ireland – and more like friends now than when I was that young, naive 19 year old girl waiting on them.

I never could’ve dreamt then, the path my life has taken. I certainly never thought this small town Pensacola girl would be out here traveling the world… Wouldn’t have even been an inkling of an idea at that time – or even in the slightest realm of possibility… I wasn’t strong enough then… So freakin’ strange how life unfolds – Blows my mind sometimes… It’s been a wild ride that brought me to this point, that’s for sure… But you’ve built up so much character, Eryn… LOL

As I’m making these various connections on my travels – some new, some old, some for a few brief moments and some for a lifetime, I’ve asked myself if I get too attached to people. My soul sister, Siggy and I pondered this question many times in India, “Can you love too much?” I think I’ve decided love is good in whatever form it takes… And for whatever period it lasts. I think it’s the authentic connections with people that matters most in life and brings us the greatest happiness.

I’ll likely always visit Pensacola with some regularity, with my stepmother (nice, not wicked – actually we’re very close) and several other close friends there. No doubt, I will organize a lunch with my old/new friends at the Marina Oyster Barn and we’ll have cheese grits and hushpuppies with our fried mullet, made by the very talented Mary and Eva – still going strong in the kitchen after all these years… I know my heart is with cheese grits and hushpuppies – that much I know!!!

20140713_190911Me and Glenn in Dublin… Crazy seeing you here!!!edjennEd, me and Jennifer at Blarney Castle in Blarney Ireland – we’re a long way from the Marina Oyster Barn…20140715_214830And here we all are after their performance at the Church of Ireland in Blarney, Ireland…

Seeing Glenn, Ed and Jennifer at first got me a little emotional and in a pensive state, but after saying goodbye and having a day or two of reflection, our newfound connection gave me inspiration to keep moving on my journey, and I bounced back to my perky self – with the help of a few jumping pictures… LOL… Always makes me laugh, those jumping pictures…  I’m tellin’ ya’, if you’re having a bad day, try a jumping picture, it’ll straighten you right you!  If only they could see you make these jumping pictures – Hilarious!!!

PicMonkey Collage

Back in 1996 one of my favorite songs was Dave Mathews Band, Dancing Nancy’s… I dreamt of futures unknown and wondered who I’d turn out to be… Turns out I’ve done ok for myself and although I’m starting my life over, and taking “The Critical Path” to my highest self, I’m emotionally, mentally and physically in the best place I’ve ever been… Thank God, Eryn, it’s been an exhausting ride!!!  That song is still fitting today as I am reinventing myself at age 37… Who knows where this life-changing trip will lead me, but I know I can always go back to my hometown for cheese grits and hushpuppies.

Dave Mathews Band – Dancing Nancy’s

OH, and I didn’t forget your Sunday Postcard 🙂