I arrived in London to the warm welcome and delight of my dear friend Vicky. She and I became significant friends in my last 6 months in Key West – a particularly trying time for me – and I had not expected to see her on my travels.   Fortunately, Vicky is now in London, where she has a flat, and I am invited to stay! Brilliant! I’m genuinely excited that from now through October, whilst in Europe, I’ll be meeting several people from the U.S. How great!


Vicky and I at my going away party in February…  Awwwwe

After my bizarre and enervating month in Portugal I am agreeably elated at the prospect of spending 3 weeks in one location. Ah! unpack your bag, Eryn, do your laundry, shower and shave your legs for heaven’s sake!

I am now in a safe haven with an ashram vibe! Vicky, being a wholesome, wholefoody, whole-earth person, enjoys feasting on tasty, nutritious and environmentally-sustainable foods. We cook in her kitchen. Yay a kitchen! We eat in her dining room. Yay a dining room! We sink into her designer chaise. Yay a chaise! I even have my own room – can you believe it? Ah yes! It’s the simple things in life! It’s the antidote to Portugal.


 Ahhhh, yummy, delicious, HEALTHY food! Yaayyyy!!


A welcome change from my travelers diet, only available because we have a kitchen – Yay!!!20140904_111740

Yay, I can finally pull out my cards and my prayer flag that you all signed… Awwwwe

Vicky, concerned about my diet in India, has initiated a parasite cleanse for us both. Oh Vicky! Your parasite paranoia! Bring on the wormwood detox! Not only does Vicky have the herbal cleanse ready on my arrival – she is joining me throughout the regime. Now that’s a true friend!


 Let the parasite detox fun begin… LOL

Vicky and I are roaming about town and enjoying a girlie, giggly time whilst engaging in interesting, profound dialogues about life, love, society, green issues and the big picture from this small island perspective. We enjoy long, slow walks through the English streets and gardens, picking mulberries, blackberries and plums with the occasional pub visit. We swooned over a Baroque concert by candlelight in the Medieval church of St Martin-in-the-fields. From Boom to Baroque! Now there’s a shift! Ah, yes, just what I needed.


 Mulberries right off the tree… Yummy


English Gardens and Cemetary 



Awwwe, cute little town…


Cute little local shops…


Jam anyone?20140831_151940

They roast their own coffee beans…


Baroque candlelight symphony


Not the big organ I would normally choose, but ok… LOL


Don’t we have talented eye brows?? 

20140829_153251Chillin’ at the movie theater…


Healthy chocolate?  YES!!!


Raw cafe


Karma Kabs, how cute!


Beautiful architecture


20140903_161344 20140903_151717

London Fashion


Never seen so many Dr Marten colors and patterns

Vicky’s postscript

Regular readers of Eryn’s magnificent blog may detect an adjustment of prose. This is because I have become increasingly twitchy and irascible about her abuse of multiple exclamation marks and other questionable punctuation habits. Deducing that I am, at heart, particularly punctilious despite my bohemian persona, darling Eryn has granted me full editorial rights over Vicky’s Ashram post! Oh joy! Normal service, you may be relieved to hear, will resume with Eryn’s next piece.

Eryn’s postscript

I do realize I have adopted a rather casual style of writing over the years and especially in this blog.  I overuse … for extended pauses and I regularly show excessive excitement with multiple!!!  Because sometimes one exclamation mark just isn’t enough (in my opinion)… Then there are my background thoughts in italics interspersed amongst my regular text, which readers seem to like, but Vicky assures me that it’s not proper as the entire text is composed of my thoughts. But Vicky, they’re supposed to be the thoughts I wouldn’t normally express out loud. These are the things that bring forth seizure like expressions on my dear friends face. So in an effort to eliminate these twitchy moments, I said, “Go for it, edit my post – have your way with it – change it, modify it, do with it as you will.” I mean if you can’t have fun with a blog, well then, “WTB – What the blog?” LOL

Our regular discussions on punctuation and proper grammer (doesn’t that sound like fun?) have led me to question how I’ve gone from proper grammatically correct writing to regular use of slang and misused punctuation. Is this the byproduct of gradual cultural assimilation due to our melting pot society in America?  Hmmm, all that from some misused punctuation? Welcome to Eryn’s brain… LOL

Talk amongst yourselves and report back, ok?  

So, that’s all for now, Vicky and I are having a jolly good time! Top notch! Cheerio!