The Travelers Creed ~ Eryn Donnalley

For Siggy Boyle and all the other beautiful travelers I’ve met along the way…

We’ve abandoned the known
The securities, the sureties
Said long due farewells to past lives
Set out into the world
Seeking self, seeking truth
Pushing doubts and all fears aside
We trust only ourselves
And a small precious few
Intuition and spirit, our guide
Sharing moments, hours, days
With beautiful strangers we meet
Knowing soon we’ll say tearful goodbyes
We march on across continents
Buddhist temples, Portuguese deserts
New truths within us arise
We see glimpses, small eclipses
Of our destinies calling
Carving futures that light up our eyes
We tease out newfound wisdom
From our collected experiences
New versions begin to give rise
We’re going nowhere we’ve known
But somewhere we must go
Till greater consciousness is fully realized