Mom and I met up in Berlin to begin her 5 weeks of vacation traveling with me.  We knew we’d spend some time in Berlin, then venture off to another country, before concluding her visit in Munich towards the end of October.  I didn’t realize it, but mom had been researching Norwegian cruises as a possible option as we had talked about trying to search out the Northern Lights.  So, bing, bang, boom, before ya’ know it, we’re catching a flight to Bergan, Norway to jump a ship that will take us up through the fjords and into the arctic circle!  Wow – cool detour!

Here’s our route up the coast of Norway and some pictures of our time so far…

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 12.06.57 PMP111052210687125_10204114840382870_751000765675729407_n



Urke – the town with 53 residentsP1110504

P1110480 P1110488 P1110491 P1110495 P1110499 P1110500

P1110402 P1110352 P1110351 P1110298 P1110484

P1110532 P1110527P1110505 P1110425

P1110575 P1110580

P1110547 P1110573 P1110581

P1110462 P1110467 P1110395And here are some pics from our time in Berlin 🙂

P1110176 P1110094 P1110118 P1110177 P1110188

P1110116 P1110250  P1110237

The Resistance Museum – Bendlerblock

There were numerous plots to kill Hitler in the WWII era.  Secret groups banded together to form what was known as “The Resistance” to rise up against the Hitler regime and his deplorable crimes against humanity.  If you saw the movie Valkyrie or read up on WWII you are familiar with this.  Unfortunately all plots to kill Hitler were unsuccessful and those that were found to be a part of The Resistance were killed – many in this square shown in the picture below.  They paid the ultimate price standing up for what they believed in.

P1110273 P1110279

P1110281 P1110286P1110167Love – the quest that spans all cultures ❤P1110079


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