We sailed up the coast of Norway on the Hurtigruten ship and ended up in the way way north of Norway in a little town named Kirkenes.  The farther north we went the farther we were from civilization – well any civilization we’ve known.

We entered the Arctic Circle midway through the cruise and noticed as the conditions became more harsh.  Cold Arctic blasts of wind blew all around the ship.  Certain times the wind was so strong it could blow you over.  And this is only October!  I can hardly imagine how it would be here in the winter months.

Check out our pictures and what we’ve been up to in the Arctic 🙂     800px-World_map_with_arctic_circle

We’re north of the red line people!!  At 71 degrees N latitude – Key West, Fl. is 24 N for comparison

I felt the need to give myself a little geography lesson of where we are and how it looks on the globe

P1120049 P1120044 P1120041 P1120028 P1120018

Northernmost chapel in Europe – Thanks Asgeir for the heads up on this little gem 🙂 P1120015 P1110991Northernmost jumping!!!P1110981 P1110976 P1110977 P1110968aNorthernmost selfie 🙂  Oh, and here’s a little video I did for you guys at the North Cape.  It was really freakin’ cold, so I didn’t say much, but here ya’ go!  http://youtu.be/NacKVfQy5kgP1120003


Awe, cute reindeer we visited on our trip to the North CapeP1110947

We visited a Sami village – these people are indigenous to north Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia

Here’s an interesting link that will answer all your burning questions about the Sami people… LOL No seriously, it’s interesting people, check it out. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sami_peopleP1110935 P1110927Barren, desolate lands spanning as far as the eye can see – on the way to the North Cape

P1110909 P1110899Jack M. we found your next car – it’s the mini version of the smart car!

P1110895 P1110889 P1110878Mom getting initiated into the Arctic Circle club P1110874 The Arctic Circle celebration commences!

P1110881 P1110871 P1110865Sunsets were pretty incredible!P1110861 P1110857

And, the Ms. Arctic Circle beauty award goes to….. NOT US! LOLP1110854 P1110848

Tom, meet everyone – everyone, meet Tom.  Tom made sure we had a safe boat ride for our excursion, and lucky me, I got to ride copilot!  Felt like I was at home in Florida being on a boat – well, sort of – no bikinis here!P1110841 P1110833 P1110826 P1110825 P1110815 P1110797 P1110768 P1110759J.P. this was in the guide book, but I did it anyway 🙂P1110734 P1110713 P1110712 P1110677 P1110630Why would someone want to live here?  Inquiring minds want to know!P1110636


Northernmost Arctic Circle Mandala?  Maybe 🙂  

That’s all for now folks… Who wants to guess our next location?  XXOO to you all from inside the Arctic Circle 🙂

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