So, here I am in Abadiania, Brazil – a small town a couple of hours outside the capital, Brasilia. I strangely felt right at home when I arrived here to Pousada Austria  (my guest house) late Monday night. I collapsed into my bed after the long day of travel and slept like I was back home in my bed – yeah, the one in storage. I awoke  with the morning sun and sat on my balcony in awe of the beauty before me. Yessss, it feels good here!

I had Tuesday to recover from traveling and then spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday checking out this John of God fellow to see what’s happening here and what it’s all about. Those are the days of the week he is there at the Casa Dom Inacio (referred to as The Casa) providing spiritual healing.

I’ll have plenty to share with you in the weeks ahead, but as for right now, I can’t quite quantify what I’m seeing/experiencing here, so I’ll just share how I’ve felt.

It’s very peaceful here. I quite like it.  I feel as though I’ve landed in this warm, cozy place that’s like a big down comforter, except without the prickly feather stems. There’s a beautiful energy here and everyone I’ve met has a quiet calmness about them.  There’s a strong spiritual presence and, well, it’s just a unique environment and I am grateful to be here.  It reminds me of the places I visited in India, but on a much smaller scale, of course – there’s this unspoken (and spoken) spiritual buzz all around and everything is very basic.  No 5 star resorts here!  But your needs are met and it’s a simple life and I like that!  I prefer it, actually.  As long as I’m not bitten by a spider while using my outdoor bathroom. LOL And it’s way more interesting!  I mean, aren’t you guys tired of posts with castles and monuments anyway?  How many historic places can a girl visit – enough already!  Anyway, I’m meeting lots of interesting people – primarily Germans, Norwegians and Swedish so far, but there are people here from all over the world, and of course, local Brazilians as well.

It’s been a bit of a strange adjustment for me, being here, as this is the first time in a few months I’ve been alone. I’ve been with my U.S. friends and family in Europe or with my London people, so my days were full and I was surrounded by those I knew almost all the time. Wow, I went to Vicky’s in early September, so yeah, it’s been a whirlwind of people I love for the last few months.  So, now it’s back to just me.  It’s ok, just an adjustment.

Really it’s perfect timing to be back on my own. I think I’ll use this alone time in this nurturing environment as a retreat of sorts, and check out a bit more from the outside world.  I have some decisions to make soon on where I’ll go when I leave Brazil, so it’s a good time to drop into myself and figure out the next steps for my trip.

I’m here though now, checking it all out, taking it all in. Experiencing all there is to experience here in Abadiania. As it turns out, my family isn’t open to me exploring this for them. It’s just too, out there, and beyond what they’re willing to consider. I am sad that they won’t open themselves to this, in the name of, “In God, all things are possible”, but I understand this is WAY out there. And I’m not sure I would’ve been open to it either, if I hadn’t been out here in the world, and exposed to so much along the way.  I send Nolan love and light and wish him the best that Western medicine and conventional prayer can provide. (There’s still time to donate to the Nolan’s Way fund to help the family.  So many of you have already donated and we are eternally grateful!)

So although Nolan was where the idea originated, it’s evolved into my being here for Laura – and for myself. Funny how I’ve ended up right where I needed to be even though it’s not why I thought I’d come in the first place.

Some of my readers know my friend Laura, some of you don’t.  I read somewhere that you’ll have 5 pivotal people throughout your life that will play a significant role and influence your path – Laura is one of mine. I met Laura almost 10 years ago when I took a job with a big contractor in Cape Coral, Florida. She worked for the developer we were building for and I knew instantly that I liked her – admired her – I knew I would learn from her.

To say she worked there would be an understatement. She was the broker over the whole development, oversaw all new projects, and basically was in charge of everything that had a pulse there.  And if something was successful, you could bet Laura was the driving force behind it.  She was brilliant like that! (I can here her now saying it in her Scottish accent – Brilliant Eryn, Brilliant!)

Laura decided she wanted to hire me away from the contractor to work for her on the developer side. Hell yeah I wanna go! She plucked me right out of that construction trailer, in my boots and jeans, and put me in the sales center where I’d be wearing stilettos and Anne Taylor suits… Saaayy whaat? Well, except for my field days, I still wore boots and jeans then.

So that was the beginning of our work relationship, which then blossomed into mentor, friendship, then wee organic sisters (WOS) – not sure who came up with that, but it stuck. Well, it must’ve been Laura, because Americans don’t often use the word, wee. LOL

Anyhow, I’m not going to go into her condition or talk about what’s going on as it pertains to her – good or bad. That’s not my story to tell. She is open to energy healing, and I am open to facilitating it in any way possible, and that’s all that matters. I will hopefully be talking to new people I meet here and will try to bring you some of their stories.

So that’s all for now folks.  Stay tuned to “As the World Turns in Abadiania” for some bizarre, out there, expansion of spirituality…  Coming soon to a blog near you!