I am thankful!  Today and every day!

As I spend my first major holiday away from friends, family and even my home country, I feel a deep sense of gratitude.   Although I will miss squash casserole, cornbread dressing and cranberry sauce… Oy, how much are last minute flights??? LOL

My life (pre-trip) unfolded in twisted and unexpected ways and didn’t quite turn out as I had hoped.  But ya know what?  I am thankful for that too.  It’s all a part of my story and has shaped who I am today.

I’m recalling my life just a year ago.  Wow, what a difference a year makes!  I was having a pretty hard time then and felt like I was in the midst of a meltdown amongst my major life changes; trying to figure out what my future would look like.

Those were some dark days for me, but I was blessed with some pivotal friendships in Key West then that really made all the difference.  People who met me for emergency breakfasts when I was having freak out moments having been up all night writing…  What the hell am I doing?  Am I doing the right thing? I can figure this out!!  Or who would meet me for afternoon walks for some much needed wisdom…  But, but, why is this so hard?  Why can’t things work the way you want them to?  Or one of them would bring me cheese toast and cafe con leche’s (my favorite) when she knew I hadn’t eaten in days…  Awww honey, I need a hug.  There seemed to be plenty of people in Key West that were happy to drink with me…  Yes, drinking copious amounts of alcohol WILL make things better!  LOL  Oh, there are so many examples I can’t name them all.

For the longest time I really had a hard time making friends in Key West, but everyone I knew really stepped up for me those last 6 months when I was struggling – before I left.  Then of course I had long distance friends and family I leaned on as well!  (Wow, I’m sounding like I was pretty needy!  Ummm, you were Eryn!)  I’m so glad I got to visit almost all of you before I left the states.  I reconnected with people I hadn’t seen in years and it was a beautiful thing to be surrounded by those I loved during the holidays and that difficult period before I embarked on this epic journey.

As I’ve traveled I’ve found the best thing, by far, are the people I’ve met from all walks of life from all over the world.  They’ve made this trip remarkable and memorable in so many ways.  But today I’m thinking of my American people.  My family – my friends.  I love you all!!!

I’ll spend Thanksgiving here in Brazil with people I’ve only just met, and in a country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving.  It will be a normal day like any other here.  But for me, I’ll be thinking of all my people back home and will be remembering the last time I saw you – hugged your necks and kissed your faces!  Our lasting bonds will float me through this holiday season when I’m so far from home.

Thanks for being there for me then… and thanks for hanging on to me now as I float around the globe.  I am grateful for all of you!

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P.S. Mom, no package yet, but I’m sure it will arrive tomorrow.. xo