I’ve been trying to figure out how best to convey what’s happening here in Abadiania.  And the truth is, I can’t really – not in terms that you’ll be familiar or comfortable with. I’ve been round and round in my head about how to write this post. There’s so much to say, yet I know without you being here, and experiencing it yourself, my attempts will be less than effective. After all, how does one quantify the immeasurable for someone else?

I’ve been thinking on that a lot – how to quantify something that can’t be proven. Because that’s how our human brains are wired, we want empirical proof! It’s easy to look at what’s going on here from a distance and think, oh, there’s no way people are being healed there, or that’s not God’s work, that’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I know there are a lot of question marks as to what happens here. You’re thinking 1) Has this girl lost her mind in going there? No, happy to report I am completely sane!  2) Is she so naïve to think that someone can really heal people? Naïve or open? 3) How does this energy healing work?  Hmmm good question.  4) Could there be satanic elements there or is it a cult? No evidence of anything satanic, voodooey or cultish.  5) What about her Christian routes? Don’t they preclude her from believing in this? Well, Mathew 19:26 saysWith God all things are possible.” Doesn’t that allow for God to have created people with special healing abilities here on earth? 6) Isn’t she skeptical like we are?  It sounds so far fetched.  Well, I was…

I know, I know, I had all the same thoughts/questions…  I was so skeptical, I even had a phone consultation with my American doctor before I came here.  He is an M.D. but focuses on holistic healing that supports preventative care.  Along with diet and exercise, he also promotes you finding a healthy emotional self, including meditation and a spiritual life.  I was curious what he would think about energy healing.  I was surprised to hear that he had experienced energy healing first hand and had an extremely positive experience.  He did remind me though, that it initiates healing of the whole person including the mind, body and spirit; and it may or may not show itself in the physical sense.

That conversation got me thinking about a typical treatment in America vs. an alternative healing happening here, or anywhere else.  I mean when people decide to take chemo, for example, there’s no guarantee of recovery.  And that’s filling your body with toxins, poisons and chemicals, which is frankly, illogical.  At least this is filled with light and love and God.  That being said, I am fortunate to be coming to you here from a place of overall good health.  I can’t imagine the gut wrenching battle one goes through after receiving a devastating diagnosis and considering the various treatment options.  I wonder though…  One could argue that our destinies are the same no matter which method of healing we choose…  I don’t know…  I really don’t know.  That opens up a whole other topic of conversation I don’t want to get into right now…  I digress.

I’ve been here almost 4 weeks now, and I can tell you, amazing things are happening here; although they cannot be easily categorized or referenced, as my favorite, Fox Mulder from The X-Files would’ve said (not to imply any alien presence here).

To be able for you to consider that healing here (or remotely) is possible, you have to really drop down from the analytical mind and into the heart space. You have to put aside your skepticism and your natural tendency to ask, “How does that work?” You just have to let go and believe. Trust. Open your heart and your mind to possibilities on a whole other level. Then you will begin to understand that you don’t need to understand.

Let’s see, just for ha ha’s, let’s think about some other immeasurable things we believe in? Let’s not be stuck in our tunnel vision… No, no, no I don’t want to consider this!! There are lots of things most of us believe in that don’t make sense and can’t be proven or measured. Intuition. Love. God Himself. Prayer. Karma. Religious texts. Ghosts. Luck. Past lives. Fate. The law of attraction. Miracles. Astrology. Aliens. Psychic Mediums. I’d be willing to bet that all of you reading this believe in at least 5 of those unquantifiable concepts. Am I right? Minds opening yet???

So, João de Deus, or John of God (a name given to him at a young age, not one he chose) is “arguably the most powerful unconscious medium alive today…” as stated on www.johnofgod.com. John of God states, “I do not heal anybody. God heals, and in his infinite goodness permits the Entities to heal and console my brothers. I am merely an instrument in God’s divine hands.”

There’s a lot of prayer and meditation that goes on here. Maybe what’s happening is like prayer exponentially magnified? That’s how I think of it. Many of us pray to God (or whatever your higher power is) and He isn’t proven to exist, yet we expect/hope that we will actually receive tangible results from our prayers. Don’t we? For any rational, logical person, not raised with any religious upbringing, that would sound crazy too.  So the thought that we’ll achieve something with prayer is equally as unlikely, wouldn’t you agree? Although I do believe prayer to be powerful and effective.  So, why is this so different? It’s only the rigid boundaries within our minds that keep us bound to certain unbelievable beliefs and distanced from others. So how do we determine which unbelievable beliefs we’ll give credence to and which ones we won’t? Hmmmm interesting Let’s think on that shall we?

Maybe it was all the PRAYERS for those I LOVE that brought forward the INTUITION that led me to Vicky’s in London, thereby changing my FATE to manifest a MIRACLE that would change my course from Nepal to Brazil and bring me here to this MEDIUM who works in the name of GOD HIMSELF.

Let’s ponder all this while I work on my next post…   Lots of love from Brazil… xxooo

“Prayer is you speaking to God.  Meditation is allowing the spirit to speak to you.”  ~ Deepak Chopra