There once was a ferryboat
Navigating the waters of Indonesia.

Somewhere between Lombok and Bali,
I saw him standing there.
The Englishman.
Looking out to the blue sea,
Deep in thought.

I recognized him from days before.
He’d been at my guesthouse eating a sandwich.
Oh how I envied that sandwich!
No, seriously, I was starving.
I wanted the sandwich…

We shared a taxi and a few beers,
talked of American politics and meditation,
jello shots and happiness.

It wasn’t love at first sight.
I’m not sure I believe in that anymore.
Or do I?
But something was there.
Something good.

I gave him a hug and we said goodbye.

Months and months passed,
Hardly a word between us.
Lives carried on…
The Englishman back in London town
Me roaming the globe.

Until now…

Here I am, returned to London.
The Englishman eager to jet off for a few months.
The American contemplating a new continent.
Fate? Random Coincidence?

I sat in question marks for a while…
And then I sat a little longer…

And then I said yes,
To traveling together, that is.

Off to Africa we go.
The Englishman and the American.
Venturing out into the unknown.
We fly tonight.