Are you all getting excited about my mandala bags?  I know you’ve been wondering what happened to them and what in the world is taking so long!  Well, there were problems with one of the fabrics and they had to order another bolt to insure it was better quality.  And they are in the middle of nowhere Tanzania for goodness sake, so it takes like 6 weeks to get new fabric. Where is the Joann Fabrics when you need one?  Then we had some design details that took a little time to iron out, but we made it.  They’re done!  Yaaayyyyyyy!

Is this the most efficient way to launch a product?  Well, no, probably not.  It’s just part of doing business in this part of the world though and I’m ok with that.  I’m grateful that J and I so serendipitously ran into Neema Crafts while traveling and that I had the opportunity to support their cause.  I’m sure once we get the kinks worked out things will progress more smoothly in the future.

I’m not quite ready to take orders yet, but they’ll be shipping to the U.S. in the next week, so I’m expecting them to be available in early August, provided they don’t get stuck in customs (fingers crossed).

Here are a few pictures of Evelyn and Susanna who have been working every day on my special project.  I love that they’re using the old Singer sewing machines that my grandmother once used.  So beautiful!

If you think you will be interested in purchasing a bag, I’d love it if you’d send me an email, comment, text or something so I can have an idea if we need to begin producing more right away or not.  No commitment, of course; I know I don’t have pricing for you yet, but just so I have an idea.  There will be burlap, trendy casual bags and then linen, more refined bags in tan and cream colors.

I am so looking forward to launching these bags.  Hopefully they will be the first of many products that will support special needs causes for my ‘conscious creations’ website. I’m hoping you will want to support my endeavors too!

Thanks to Neema Crafts and all their employees for all their hard work.  I’m very excited to be collaborating with you!

inproduction2 inproduction3inproduction1


This is the screen printing process that transfers the design onto the fabric.

It’s a tedious process to check the design, making sure all the details are showing through.  There is limited time to correct this once the chemical reaction begins.  P1140381

This is Dhahabu.  He’s their head tailor/sewer for new products.

Maria is there in the blue shirt and is my main contact.  She has been instrumental in making this all happen and bringing it all together.  She and I have been communicating regularly tweaking all the details since I last visited Neema Crafts in February.  P1140375